Faith, Hope, Love, and Joy

By Char (Miller) Binkley g64 Published: Feb 13, 2018

John at scroll saw

Faith Love Hope 630xThe Rev. John Motter g67, a retired pastor and woodworker, and his wife, Arlene g66, are both loyal volunteers for the Alumni Center. Recently, they discovered an excellent use for the Founders’ chapel hymnbook racks. John took the leftover racks apart and used the sides to cut out wooden images of the words, “Faith”, “Hope”, and “Love”.

Love 390x1During Christmas, the Motters gave the Alumni Center’s Operations Team a “Love” handmade wooden plaque. Arlene mentioned they had also made “Hope” and “Faith.” Michael Mortensen, director of Fort Wayne Alumni and Friend Relations, asked, “Any chance you could make a ‘Joy’ plaque?” A few days later, Arlene, who varnishes each piece, returned to the Alumni Center with ‘Joy,’ which included a musical note at the end.

Joy 390x156Each plaque includes a cross in front of the featured word. John explained the reason for adding the cross, “The cross is the reason for our faith, hope, love, and joy. None of these words can stand alone--they all require a focus or an object to which they are expressed.” He said, “The middle of the cross is empty, because Jesus is not there, but at the right hand of the Father. It is a sign of the victory we have in Jesus.”  

Hope 390x149Michael took a photo of each one and asked those on our Fort Wayne Alumni Connection Facebook group page for their feedback: “I asked would you pay $10 plus shipping and handling?” Some said that they would pay even more.

One FWBC alumna purchased one of the plaques for a TUFW alumna, who could not afford the piece, while a former faculty member purchased one for a FWBC grad. For those kindnesses, Michael smiles and gives thanks.

Faith 390x152“It is a labor of love,” John said. “It is fun to bring delight to those who receive the plaques. God knows I have plenty of time; it is good to have something to show for my time.” Michael really appreciates the Motter’s labor of love. “It is people like John and Arlene who help us fulfill our mission of caring, connecting, and celebrating.”

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