New Feature is Added at the Alumni Center

By Jay Platte g69 Published: Mar 17, 2017

Thanks to the insight and work of Rev. Jeff Lawson g06, the Fort Wayne Alumni Center has added a new feature, FaceBook Live interviews and features. These short video segments can range from finding out what faculty, staff and students are doing now, to touring the former campus.

Here are examples of this feature (click on the highlighted text):

Day of Giving interviews:

an introduction of the project by Rev. Jeff Lawson g06

an interview with Dr. David Biberstein g66 professor and former head of the Pastoral Ministries

an interview with Dick Baxter g70 former assistant director of Christian Service and Student Development

an interview with Dr. Wes Gerig g51 professor and former Chair of the Biblical Studies Department

an interview with Dr. Roger Ringenberg g69 professor of World Missions

Other FB Live spots:

Exciting announcement regarding the Fort Wayne Alumni Center with Director Michael Mortensen g91, Director, Bill Gerig g61, and Rev. Jeff Lawson g88