Thank you for 2nd Day Of Giving

By Michael Mortensen and Jay Platte Published: Mar 19, 2017

What a fun day! While we did raise $33,158.27 with 131 gifts towards our goal of $40,000 (which was ambitious), we had a lot of fun and made significant progress.  We picked up at least 11 new alumni for our private FB Alumni Connection group, and the interviews that Jeff did all have at least 100 views (click here to go to the page with the videos), and more will view in the coming days. Of the $33,158.27, $12,595 is pledged by May 31 ($10k is for special projects such as a new app friendly, redesigned web site to name one). We then have $5,570 for pledges for before December 31. It's a good day for gifts and alumni participation, so we are celebrating!

All together, we had 18 staff and volunteers who served, and the spirit in the Alumni Center was WONDERFUL. Several actually got to connect with alumni who they had not seen for years.

Last year we had $14,000 in gifts; what a jump!. Our goal of $70,00 by May 31 is still before us, but we’ve taken a big step forward in the last 30 days.

Michael reflects,"My hope and prayer is that more alumni would realize we are here for them and give something, even if that means $5. To reach out to those who haven't given for whatever reason is important because we've discovered that many alumni, like Pastor Dave Gruber, feel that we're in the past (for those who are on FB, you can see his post on the Fort Wayne Alumni Connection). And even if they are not able to give at this time, our hope is that that they would realize that we are here to care for them."

Again, thank you! We deeply appreciate the support, prayers and gifts given to the Fort Wayne Alumni Center.