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Dr. Biberstein writes devotionals

Published: December 30, 2019

Dr. David Biberstein g66 will be contributing devotionals from his writings for our website.

Alumni Center Helps Re-Connect Couple

Published: December 24, 2019

Donn g86 and Susan (Bannister fs80) Dietz first met through their Bible study group at Fellowship Bible Church in Fort Wayne.

Olney Assists in the Bahamas

Published: December 19, 2019

Tom Olney g88 has visited the Bahamas twice to encourage and help local congregations as they serve those left homeless and without a livelihood due to the storm.

Alumna Overcomes Debt, Publishes First Book

Published: December 01, 2019

After Heather (Neilson) Burgette g04 graduated from Taylor University Fort Wayne (TUFW), she ended up accumulating a lot more debt than she could handle.

Joy & Love Found Through Sorrow

Published: September 12, 2019

Mark Brinkman g86 was a man deeply committed to his communities. Since high school, he had a heart for bringing the gospel to places in need, and he served as a missionary in multiple countries for over 24 years. He was a leader to those within his sphere of ministry, both by preaching and by example. “Mark just loved the church,” said Patricia (Teall) Vincent g88, Mark’s wife and ministry partner for 26 years. “He loved what he did and had a significant impact on people’s lives.”

Moving Forward – 3901 South Wayne Ave

Published: May 23, 2019

We're now in our new location.

Alumna Launches Online Business, Organized to Save

Published: May 23, 2019

Lindsay is the founder of Organized to Save, an online platform where she provides video and blog tutorials on organization, budgeting, and efficiency. “My goal is to teach people how they can become organized on a Dollar Tree budget,” Lindsay said.

Pioneering FWBC Women’s Coach Passes

Published: March 27, 2019

Your Fort Wayne Alumni Center has learned that former Fort Wayne Bible College (FWBC) Coach Phyllis J. Miller g53, 88, died on March 23, 2019. Phyllis was a pioneer of women’s athletics, both as a student at Taylor University Upland (TU) and as a coach at FWBC.