Day of Giving
March 20


Towards $27,500 Goal (updated 4/30/20) 

Thousands of alumni came to the intersection of Indiana and Rudisill—some attended a class while others graduated. During this century plus, institutional names changed, faculty and staff evolved, buildings were built and razed, and certainly dress codes were altered. GOD has remained faithful, and we still celebrate our COMMON GROUND!

Please celebrate with us this unique COMMON GROUND on Friday, March 20, 2020. Join us on Facebook and on our website as we come together to care, connect, and celebrate all for the glory of God during our 5th Annual Day of Giving for your Fort Wayne Alumni Center.

JOIN US FOR THE FUN and the Fort Wayne Fund! Will you give in honor/memory of a professor, staff member, roommate, spouse, or your class? EVERY gift adds up to make a difference, no matter the amount! Collectively, the gifts add up to help us fulfill our mission.

For those living in the State of Indiana, remember you will receive a tax credit of 50% of your gift up to $100 if you’re single or $200 if you’re married. We’re looking for 100 more Indiana residents to take advantage of this TAX CREDIT! Click here for more information.

Show your GREEN for one of our COMMON GROUND CHALLENGES today by giving via one of the following three ways:

By PHONE – (260) 744-8790 (during office hours)
By MAIL – send in your CHECK or CASH

Fort Wayne Alumni Center
701 W Rudisill Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46807

ONLINE – Give a Gift or Make a Pledge by May 31 or December 31, 2020