Event: Buildings of the Fort Wayne Campus

Location: Campus

Decade: 1900s


All photographs reside in the Fort Wayne Alumni Center. Music by Jay Platte, based on the Alma Mater by Richard Gerig, text by S. A. Witmer.

Title of Song or Work: Buildings of the Fort Wayne Campus

Composer or Author: Jay Platte

This video is a compilation of photos of the buildings of the Fort Wayne Bible Training School, Fort Wayne Bible Institute, Fort Wayne Bible College, Summit Christian College and Taylor University Fort Wayne. All buildings built by the college are included along with the date they were occupied (not the start of construction).

While many houses which were a part of the campus at one point or another, not all of them are included. For a more in-depth view of the buildings, visit /celebrate/archives/index.shtml

Concept and production of this video was by Jay Platte.

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