Share Your Memories

Our stories are powerful ways to encourage others, whether it is alumni, faculty or anyone who needs cause to celebrate how God uses us to impact generations and countries.

What are we looking for?

Distinguished Campus Servant Stories - Give tribute to Fort Wayne faculty, staff, who impacted you while on campus and after? Click Distinguished Campus Servants

Alumni stories – The legacy of the Fort Wayne Campus lives on through the relationships and connections created by alumni. We want to hear about your experience, your calling and your impact on the world.

Faculty Stories – How have students, staff, guests, events, programs changed how you taught? If you want to tell a faculty story, how was your relationship and career strengthened through excellent service and leadership provided by faculty?

Staff Stories – No place of education can sustain itself without the selfless prayers and service of staff. How has staff made a difference in how you experienced the Fort Wayne campus as a student, alumni, faculty or friend?

Please send your story with at least one photo that we can use online to Michael Mortensen at Please note that we will need at least 4-6 weeks for processing, editing and follow-up.


You may have pictures, reel to reel, cassettes, CDs or DVDs of Fort Wayne singing groups, performances or events. Please consider submitting these items for us to digitize (if needed) so the rest of the Fort Wayne campus community can enjoy them as well. We will gladly return your items with a digitized image as a thank you!