The full length film “Bridgebuilders” was produced by Fort Wayne Bible College in 1953.  It was believed to be the first motion picture designed  specifically to show the value of a Bible College education.  It was filmed in Fort Wayne and in Sierra Leone, West Africa and featured the life of Jake Schierling, a 1948 graduate of the College.  Many scenes were filmed on the platform of Founders auditorium where sets were constructed.  The football scene was filmed at South Side High School stadium.

The film premiered in Fort Wayne at the Gospel Temple, May 10, 1954 with around 2,000 attending.  On May 23 it was shown at Jake Schierling’s home church in Van Nuys, CA with 600 attending.  By its third year the film had been viewed by some 122 audiences totaling over 18,000 people.  It was also shown on Fort Wayne television during the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of the founding of the College (1904-1954).

Both Jake and Ruth Schierling have passed on to their reward.  The churches in Sierra Leone have grown and are in the process of making disciples and planting new churches.  Another FWBC alum Steve Harrigan g85 visits Sierra Leone regularly to assist the church leaders in their ministries.  Also, Janet Nickel g74 lives in Freetown, SL and seeks to rescue those caught in human trafficking.   Over the years more than 30 graduates of the College have served as full-time missionaries in Sierra Leone.

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