Flying Club

During the 1945-47 school years, Fort Wayne Bible Institute had a “Flying Club” made up of students with a vision for missionary aviation. Dr. S. A. Witmer, President of the institute at the time, was a pilot and no doubt encouraged the program. The club founded the Missionary Airmen’s Fellowship. They met weekly for training, and if “school work was up to par” the members were allowed to fly (for a reasonable rate) the plane the Fellowship had leased.

See the Flying Club yearbook page (Light Tower, 1946, page 71)

Missionary Aviation Diploma In the 1947-48 catalog a program is outlined for the Missionary Aviation Diploma. Read the requirements of the program (1947-48 Catalog, p22). Turn to page 31 for the Private Pilot’s Course requirements.

Unfortunately the program was only offered that one year due to the death of the instructor in a plane crash at the airport.

Read of the accident (The Bible Vision, Oct/Nov 1946, pp 24,25).

See the memorial page to Mr. Robert Pridy in the college yearbook (Light Tower, 1947, pages not numbered).