Falcon mascot 390x390 The Fort Wayne Bible College sports teams had been called the Ambassadors for many years.   However, in 1980 the   Mighty Falcon flew into the FWBC gym and took up residence there.  1995-96 Cheerleaders w coach and mascot

 For the next 28 years he and the cheerleaders brought excitement and enthusiasm to our   sporting events.  However in 2008, much to our disappointment, he flew away and has not   been seen since.Unfortunately we do not have a listing of all those who were the Falcon   over those 28 years.   Let us know if you were one of them.  Our thanks to you and all the   cheer leaders who gave of their time and energy to cheer on our sports teams.

You might enjoy reading the policies Student Government listed for the conduct of the Falcon.  Can you imagine – the Falcon was not allowed to HARASS the players, coaches, cheerleaders or even the referees.  It appears his wings were clipped right from the beginning.

Falcon Mascot rules