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2003 NCCAA Women's Basketball Team

2003 NCCAA Women's Basketball Team

The 2002-2003 Taylor University Fort Wayne (TUFW) Lady Falcons, coached by Corey Laster g93, was arguably the best women’s basketball team in the school’s history, with a sparkling 26-4 record and a fifth place finish in the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) II National Tournament in Auburn, Maine. Members included Megan Blaugh, Katie Broecker g04 d, Cyndi (Lee) Brown g06, Rebecca Eleiott g07, Elizabeth Garrasi g06, Amy (Edmonds) Johnson g04, Adria King , Lori (Evans) Kramer fs05, Ginger (Robbins) Edwards g05, Joanie (Shirk) Muhlenkamp g06 , Rachel Walden fs06, Cicely Wright g05, Corey Laster g93, Coach, Sarita Rubrake g92, Assistant.

Greg Ponchot

Greg Ponchot g77

Greg was an outstanding athlete who is best remembered for his tennis play. He played at number one singles, Larry “Sugar Bear” Lewis g76 played at number two, and the two teamed up at the number one doubles spot. The two rarely lost in either singles or doubles, and if the team hadn’t already won by the time the doubles competition began, their doubles play often clinched the victory for the Falcons. Larry, himself a Fort Wayne Hall of Fame athlete, always considered Greg by far the best tennis player in FWBC history.


James "Jim" Hughes g85

Jim continues to have an amazing life in sports and other ministries. Even before he came to college, he was around campus sports teams, since his father was a professor. While at FWBC and Summit, he distinguished himself as an outstanding soccer player and coach.

Jason Lamar Berkhalter

Jason Lamar Berkhalter g97

Jason had a truly remarkable career playing for TUFW. He made his mark as a premier athlete at both the high school and collegiate levels in his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, breaking multiple basketball records during his three years as a uniquely gifted Taylor University Fort Wayne (TUFW) Falcon.