1984-85 Volleyball Team

1984-85 Volleyball Team

1984-85 Volleyball Team

A peek into what has been termed, "the best volleyball team the Fort Wayne campus ever had" and one can see that the 1984-85 Falcons volleyball team had a victory born of both spirit and skill.

The championship volleyball team dominated with a sweeping record of 26-1. Their single loss was to Bethel College, who they defeated in a later game. The victorious team went on to win the National Christian College Athletic Association's (NCCAA) District Tournament. Sadly,  there was no national tournament for them to compete in at that time. The knock-out team of ladies included:

  • Denise Hoglund g85
  • Joyce (Klay) Hutchison g87
  • Tami (Platter) Burritt g88
  • Betty (Rychener) Rahrer g87
  • Cindy (Sauder) Kimm g85
  • Pam (Postel) Werling g85
  • Joan (Ronde) Smith g85
  • Janna (Schlatter) Worthman g86
  • Sarita Rubrake g92 - Manager
  • Deb Rupp g76 - Coach

This winning team of ladies was built up over a series of years, with the core of the team together for the two years prior to the amazing 1984-85 season. It was a competitive team from the start, one determined to win.

That fire stayed fierce across the season. Though Pam (Postel) Werling began the year with a sprained ankle, she kept playing. Along with her teammates, she refused to slow down. The players helped each other out and always remained optimistic. Even practice was a time that was eagerly anticipated and fun.

Coach Deb Rupp headed the team on their way to victory. She is remembered by her players as being a phenomenal coach who kept the team grounded. Coach Rupp, in Pam's words, "Didn't allow any bad attitudes on the court [but] focused on the positive all the time."

It was, in fact, the team's positive and fun-loving spirit that set them apart. Though every one on the team was certainly athletically gifted-teams do not claim nearly perfect season without serious skill-it was the chemistry among the women that  kept them together.

Betty, as well as being a talented athlete successful at every sport she played, was the team comedian. Other players recall Lori being one of the women who kept the team Christ-focused. She constantly reminded them of their ultimate goal: not taking the trophy, but playing in a way that glorified Christ and honored the college. Janna was a "live wire-full of energy, full of excitement," making even lengthy bus trips fun. Joyce had a laugh that got everyone giggling and made road trips amazing.

Since graduating from the Fort Wayne campus, the team has found other arenas in which to share their gifts and pour out their passions. Members of the team have served Christ everywhere from psychiatric facilities to schools to fitness centers. Some have gotten married and built families. Team members are scattered from Indiana to California, and even Canada. Despite the distances, however, they have begun reconnecting via Facebook over the past five months. Though years have passed since that incredible season, the triumphs and memories of the '84-'85 Lady Falcons have bound them together for life.

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